We love and collect books; so much so that when the other day someone in the office asked about the Japanese architect Terunobo Fujimori, Ron immediately pulled a copy from behind his desk. Still in its original plastic cover.

Category Title Author © Date
arch.type.housing (japanese) Housing 2 Various Rendering In Pencil Guptill, Arthur
arch.mono.doshi Rethinking Modernism For The Developing World: The Complete Architecture Of Balkrishna Doshi Steele, James
arch.type.furn.scand Design From Scandinavia 11 Various
arch.type.furn.scand Design From Scandinavia 12 Various
arch.type.furn.scand Design From Scandinavia 13 Various
arch.type.furn.scand Design From Scandinavia 9 Various
arch.type.housing Residential Architecture
arch.type.furn Design Since 1945 Various
arch.type.furn Design: The Question Comes First Bersen, Jens
arch.type.egypt Description De L'egypte
arch.mono.hood Raymood Hood, Architect Kilham
arch.mono.erskine Ralph Erskine Architect Egelius, Mats
arch.mono.kahn (albert) Designing- Industry: The Arch. Of Albert Kahn Hildebrand, G
arch.mono.tac Process: Tac: The Heritage Of Walter Gropius Tac
arch.type.landscape Process: Architecture And Water Space
arch.mono.piano Process: Arch. 10: Renzo Piano Building Workshop
arch.mono.foster Process 70: Foster Tower - Hong Kong Bank Foster, N
arch.type.housing Process 64: On High Rise Housing Various
arch.mono.chermayeff Design & The Public Good,. By Serge Chermayeff Plunz, Richard
arch.mono.neutra Richard Neutra And The Search For Modern Arch. Hines, Thomas
arch.type.housing Process 14: Low-rise Housing In America Various
arch.mono.le corbu Creation Is A Patient Search Le Corbusier
art.type.england Contemporary British Painting
art.type.austria Secessionism And Austrian Graphic Art 1900-1920 Various
arch.type.europe Contemporary European Architects Ii Meyhofer, Dirk
arch.type.productdesign Contemporary Italian Product Design
arch.type.europe Contemporary, European Architecture Amsoneit, Wolfgang
arch.mono.schunk Schunk's Glass Palace Peutz, Fritz Schoolhouse Mcquade, W
arch.mono.calatrava Santiago Calatrava: Engineering Architecture Blaser, Werner
arch.mono.lasdun Denys Lasdun Curtis
arch.mono.ruhlman Ruhlman: Master Of Art Deco Camard, Florence
art.gen.kandinsky D.m.a No. 3: Concerning The Spiritual In Art Kandinsky, Wassily
arch.mono.halprin Rsvp Cycles Halprin, Lawrence
art.mono.rodchenko Rodchenko: The Complete Work Magomedov, Kahn
arch.mono.destijl De Stijl; The Formative Years Blotkamp, Carol
arch.type.housing De Verborgen Opgave: The Hidden Assignment De-architecture Wines, James
arch.mono.neutra Richard Neutra, Promise And Fulfillment, 1919-1932 Neutra, R
arch.mono.gregotti Process 48: Gregotti Associati
arch.mono.erskine Prince Of Wales Prize: Ralph Erskine
arch.mono.scarpa Con Gli Ultimi Disgni Di Carlo Scapra
arch.type.modern Emerging Voices: A New Generation Of Arch. In Amer Arch League Effective Photography Frair, John
arch.x.journal.places Places: Vol.2#3 Various
arch.mono.belluschi Pietro Pelluschi, An American Architect Clausen, Meredith
arch.mono.calatrava El Croquis #57- Santiago Calatrava
sci.text.ohanian Physics: Vol I & Ii + Workbook Ohanian
arch.gen.vonmeiss Elements Of Architecture Von Meiss, P
poet.mono.bishop Elizabeth Bishop: The Complete Poems 1927-1979 Bishop, E.
arch.x.journal.perspecta Perspecta 22 Various
arch.urban.habraken Places: Winter, 1994 Habraken, N. J.
arch.mono.miralles Enric Miralles: C.n.a.r. Alicante Miralles
arch.x.journal.perspecta Perspecta 17 Various
arch.mono.mckim Pennsylvania Station Mckim, Meade, & White
art.gen.tufte Envisioning Information Tufte, Edward
arch.mono.kramer.p Peieter Lodewijk Kramer: 1881-1961 Kohlenbach, Bernhard
arch.mono.mendelsohn Erich Mendelsohn Zevi, Bruno
arch.urban.uhlig Pedestrian Areas Uhlig, Klaus
art.mono.klee Paul Klee: Catalogue Raisonne - Volume 9: Foundation
arch.x.journal.places Places: Vol.3#2 Various
arch.mono.conran Plain Simple & Useful Conran, Terence
arch.type.productdesign Digital Dreams: The Work Of The Sony Design Center
arch.urban.planning Plan. & Cities: Tony Garnier & The Cite Industr.
arch.mono.le corbu Precisions Le Corbusier
arch.mono.eames Powers Of Ten: A Flipbook Eames
philo.mono.plato Plato: Collected Dialogues Hamilton, Edith
arch.type.landscape Plans Of Arch.: Landscape Arch. - Urban Space Details
arch.type.restaurants Plans Of Arch: Restaurants
arch.urban.anderson Planning For Diversity And Choice Anderson, Stan
arch.mono.candilis Planning And Design For Leisure Georges Candilis: Drawing With Pen And Ink Guptill, Arthur
arch.urban.planning Plan. & Cities: The Renaissance City Argan
arch.urban.planning Plan. & Cities: Cities Of Ancient Greece And Italy Ward-perkins
arch.urban.planning Plan. & Cities: The Modern City; 19th Century Choay
arch.urban.planning Plan. & Cities: New Towns, Antiquity To The Pres. Galantay
arch.type.housing Dwelling Orum-nielsen, Jorn
arch.urban.planning Plan. & Cities: Le Corbu. The Machine And The Grand
arch.mono.eames Eames Design Neuhart/eames
arch.urban.planning Plan. & Cities: In The Ancient Near East Lampl, Paul
art.type.sculpture Earthworks And Beyond Beardsley
arch.urban.planning Plan. & Cities: Hausmanns' Paris
arch.gen.japan Seven Images: Light In Architecture ? (japanese)
arch.gen.farmer Companion To Contemporary Arch. Thought Farmer, B
art.mono.klee Paul Klee: Catalogue Raisonne - Volume 7: Foundation
arch.mono.behnisch Behnisch & Partner: On Color Behnisch, Guenter
arch.type.italy.venice The Gardens Of Venice Albrizzi
arch.type.houses The Framed House Of Massachusetts Bay: 1625-1725 Cummings
arch.gen.palladio The Four Books Of Architecture Palladio, Andrea
arch.gen.onians Bearers Of Meaning Onians
arch.type.housing The Form Of Neighborly Cluster Kanda, Shun The Film Book
sci.mono.feynman The Feynman Lectures On Physics (3 Volumes) Feynman, Richard
arch.mono.berkel Ben Van Berkel: Mobile Forces Berkel, B Barcelona: City & Architecture: 1980-1992 Bohigas, O
arch.type.houses The Essential House Book Conran, Terance
arch.type.furn.germany Berlin Berlin (berlin Bienalle)
arch.mono.maybeck Bernard Maybeck: Artisan, Architect, Artist Caldwell, Kenneth
arch.mono.aalto The Drawings Of Alvar Aalto 1917-1939 (11 Volumes) Aalto Foundation
arch.type.details The Details Of Modern Architecture Vol I & Ii Ford
arch.mono.safdie Beyond Habitat Safdie, Moshe Beyond Sculpture Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn: Connected Farm Buildings Of New England Hubka, Thomas
arch.type.india The History Of Architecture In India Tagdell, Chris
arch.mono.vinoly Banco De La Ciudad Vinoly, Rafael
lit.mono.shakespeare The Complete Illustrated Shakespeare Staunton, Howard
art.gen.arnheim Art And Visual Conception Arnheim, Rudolph
arch.gen.ching Architecture: Form, Space, And Order Ching, Francis
arch.type.practice Architecture: The Story Of Practice Cuff, Dana
arch.mono.soleri Arcology Soleri, Paolo
arch.type.furn Argenti Frimatti Dai Grandi Maestri Per Cleto Munari
art.gen.marx The Machine In The Garden Marx, Leo
arch.gen.marx The Machine In The Garden Marx, Leo
arch.mono.gehry Art & Arch. In Discussion: Frank Gehry / Kurt Forster Bechtler, C The Louisiana Museum Bo, Jurgen
arch.mono.perret Auguste Perret 1875-1954
arch.urban.mumford The Lewis Mumford Reader Miller The Lens Book
arch.type.arts&grafts Arts & Grafts Architecture Davey, Peter
arch.mono.bulthaup The Kitchen As Living Area Bulthaup
arch.mono.atelier 66 Atelier 66, The Arch. Of Dimitri And Suzana Antonakakis Frampton, K
arch.type.recreation Athletic & Recreational Facilities
arch.mono.noguchi The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum Catalogue
arch.type.furn The Industrial Arts: 11 Arch For B&b Italia (scarpa) B&b
arch.mono.destijl The De Stijl Environment Troy, Nancy
poet.mono.roberts Black Wings Roberts, Len
arch.mono.colquhoun Colquhoun, Miller & Partners Colquhoun, A
arch.gen.kipnis Strategies In Architectural Thinking Kipnis
arch.mono.halprin Changing Places Halprin, Lawrence
arch.mono.neutra Studio Paperback: Richard Neutra Sack, Manfred
arch.mono.eames Charles And Ray Eames: Designers Of The 20th Cent Kirkham, Pat
arch.mono.botta Studio Paperback: Mario Botta Pizzi, Emilio
arch.gen.frampton Studies In Tectonic Culture Frampton, K
arch.type.structure Structures Schodek
art.mono.christo Christo, The Reichstag And Urban Projects Baal-teshuva, Jacob
arch.type.hongkong City Of Darkness: Life In Kowloon Walled City Girard, Greg
arch.mono.fehn Sverre Fehn, The Thought Of Construction Fjeld, Per Olaf
arch.mono.le corbu City Of Tomorrow Le Corbusier
arch.mono.belluschi Spiritual Space: Relig. Bldgs. Of P. Belluschi Clausen, Meredith
arch.type.structure Space Grid Structure Borego
arch.type.furn Soma Design Furniture
arch.type.structure Soft Canopies Vandenberg
arch.urban.rowe Collage City Rowe, Colin; Koetter, F
arch.mono.vaneyck Color In Building Van Eyck, Aldo
arch.type.color Colors In Context: Kuno, Naomi
arch.urban.habraken Supports Habraken, N. J.
arch.mono.scarpa Carlo Scarpa: Immagini (piazaa San Marco 101) Roiter, Fulvio
photo.mono.adams The Camera Adams, Ansel The Aia Guide To New York City Willensky, E Boston: A Topographical History Whitehill, Walter
art.mono.disney The Art Of Walt Disney Finch, Christopher
arch.gen.banham The Architecture Of The Well-tempered Environment Banham, Reyner
arch.mono.fuller Bucky Works Baldwin
arch.mono.kmw The Architecture Of Kallman, Mckinnell & Wood Kmw
arch.mono.wright The Architecture Of Frank Lloyd Wright (catalog) Storrer, William
arch.mono.furness The Architecture Of Frank Furness O'gorman, James
arch.gen.negroponte The Architecture Machine Negroponte, Nicholas The Aia Guide To Boston Southworth
arch.mono.scarpa Carlo Scarpa: Il Progetto Per Santa Caterina A Treviso
arch.type.furn The 1977 International Chair Competition San Diego Aia
arch.mono.calatrava Calatrava Bridges Frampton, K
arch.mono.calatrava Calatrava, Dynamic Equilibrium M-recent Projects Lyall, Sutherland
arch.mono.gehry California Aerospace Museum: Frank Gehry Steele, James Cambridgeport Camb. Historical
arch.mono.ando Tadao Ando, The Yale Studio & Current Works Frampton, K
arch.mono.scarpa Carlo Scarpa Architektur Lampugnani, V
arch.mono.ando Tadao Ando Futagawa, Yukio
art.mono.klee Paul Klee: Catalogue Raisonne - Volume 8: Foundation
art.mono.erte Erte At Ninety Erte
arch.gen.scully Architecture, The Natural And The Manmade Scully, Vincent
arch.mono.vandevelde Henry Van De Velde
arch.mono.hopkins Michael Hopkins Davies, Colin
arch.mono.scharoun Hans Scharoun, Eine Monographie Jones, Peter Blundell
arch.mono.scharoun Hans Scharoun, Schriftenreihe Der Akademie - Band 10 Pfankuch, Peter
arch.type.houses Mediterranean Houses: Cote D'azur Provence Chossegros, Pascal
arch.type.houses Mediterranean Houses: Balaeric Islands Casals, Lluis
poet.mono.hayden Hayden: Collected Poems Hayden, Robert
arch.mono.niemeyer* Masters Of World Arch: Oscar Niemeyer Papadaki, S
arch.mono.vandevelde Henry Van De Velde: Ein Europaischer Kunstler Sembach
arch.type.furn Mid Century Modern Greenberg, Cara
arch.mono.gaudi* Masters Of World Arch: Antonio Gaudi Collins, G
art.mono.bayer Herbert Bayer: The Complete Works Cohen, Arthur
arch.mono.botta Mario Botta Wrede, Stuart
arch.mono.berlage Het Haags Germeentemuseum, H.p. Berlage Velzen, Th. Van
arch.mono.pietila Mantyniemi Pietila
arch.type.abrams History Of World Arch: Pre-columbian-mesoamerica Heyden, Doris
arch.mono.vinoly Manteola, S-gomez,santos, Solsona, Vinoly Vinoly, Rafael
arch.type.houses Home: The Twentieth Century House Sudjic, Deyan
arch.mono.poelzig Hans Poelzig, Sein Leben Poesner, Julius
arch.mono.meyer Hannes Meyer Houses Of Glass Kohlmaier
arch.type.modern.kult Modern Architecture In Color Kulterman, Udo
arch.mono.bunshaft Gordon Bunshaft Of S.o.m. Krinsky, Carol
arch.mono.wagner Modern Architecture: A Guidebook For His Students Wagner, Otto Graphic Edge Poyner, Rick
arch.urban.jacobs Great Streets Jacobs, Allan Greek Revival America Kennedy Modern Architecture In Rotterdam
arch.type.europe Modern Architecture In Europe Dewitt, Dennis Modern Architecture In Amsterdam
arch.mono.berlage H.p. Berlage: Opera Completa Polano, Sergio
arch.mono.gehry Guggenheim Bilbao Museo Gehry, Frank Guide To Cambridge Architecture Rettig Mit In Perspective Wylie, F
art.mono.klimt Gustav Klimt Fleidl, Gottfried
art.mono.klimt Gustav Klimt Landscapes Dobai, Johannes
arch.mono.gwathmey Gwathmey Siegel Eisenman, P
arch.mono.vanderrohe Mies Van Der Rohe: Arch. & Design In Stuttgart, Barcelona, Brno Vitra Design Museum
arch.mono.vanderrohe Mies Van Der Rohe At Work Carter, Peter
arch.mono.foster Hong Kong Bank Williams, S.
arch.mono.rainer Mak: Roland Rainer: Vitale Urbinitat Rainer, R Glass In Architecture Wiggington, Michael
arch.mono.ando Japan Arch. Vol. 1 : Tadao Ando Ando, T
arch.type.france L'architecture Rurale Francaise Levrault, B
arch.type.japan Kura: Design And Tradition Of The Jap. Storehouse Itoh, Tieji
art.mono.moser Koloman Moser Fenz, Werner
arch.type.furn.knoll Knoll Furniture 1938-1960 Rouland
arch.mono.polshek James Stewart Polshek; Context And Responsibility Polshek, J
arch.mono.stirling James Stirling
arch.mono.duiker Jan Duiker, Works And Projects Molema, Jan
arch.type.japan.gardens Japanese Gardens For Today Nitschke, Guenter
arch.mono.gaudi La Pedrera; Cosmos De Gaudi Carandell, Josep
arch.mono.holl Kiasmaa: Steven Holl Tiainen, Jussi
arch.mono.nouvel Jean Nouvel Emmanuelle Cattani : Four Projects Nouvel, J
arch.mono.nouvel Jean Nouvel Emmanuelle Cattani Et Associetes Nouvel, J
arch.gen.millon Key Monuments In The History Of Architecture Millon, Henry
arch.mono.le corbu Journey To The East Le Corbusier
arch.mono.jourdain Jourdain Barre-despond, Arlette
arch.mono.urban Joseph Urban
arch.mono.hoffman Josef Hoffmann Sekler
arch.type.italy.gardens Italian Gardends Of The Renaissance Shepherd / Jellicoe
arch.type.furn Landmarks Of Modern Design
arch.mono.schindler How House Steele, James
arch.mono.kahn(louis) In The Realm Of Architecture Brownlee, De Long
arch.type.practice How To Succeed In Contract Design
arch.mono.lyons Lyons Israel Ellis Gray: Buildings And Projects 1932-83
arch.mono.kroll Lucien Kroll: Buildings And Projects Kroll, Lucien
arch.type.drawings.comp Hyper-realistic Guerra, Lucas Louisiana: Museum At Humlebaek Bo, Jurgen
arch.mono.greene Images Of The Gamble House
arch.type.libraries Living With Books Lighting Design Handbook Watson
arch.gen.millet Light Revealing Architecture Millet, M
arch.mono.greene Last Of The Ultimate Bungalows: Thorsen House By
arch.mono.som Library Of Contemporary Arch: Som Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.rudolph Library Of Contemporary Arch: Paul Rudolph Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.saarinen, 2 Library Of Contemporary Arch: Eero Saarinen Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.murcutt Leaves Of Iron:glenn Murcutt:pioneer Of An Aus. Arch Drew, Philip
arch.mono.le corbu Le Livre De Ronchamp Petit, Jean
arch.mono.le corbu Le Corbusier: The Complete Works In 8 Volumes Le Corbusier
arch.mono.le corbu Le Corbusier: Studio Paperback Le Corbusier
arch.mono.le corbu Le Corbusier: Early Works Le Corbusier
arch.urban.lynch Good City Form Lynch, Kevin
arch.type.gardens Modernist Gardens In France Imbert, D
arch.mono.le corbu Estudio Paperback: Le Corbusier Le Corbusier
arch.mono.foster Norman Foster: Buildings And Projects Vol 3 Foster, N
arch.urban.alexander Notes On The Synthesis Of Form Alexander, Chris.
arch.mono.wright Flw: Dana House Heinz, Thomas
arch.mono.wright Flw: Glass Art Heinz, Thomas
arch.mono.wright Flw: Interiors And Furniture Heinz, Thomas
arch.mono.wright Flw: Preserving An Architectural Heritage Hanks, David
arch.mono.wright Flw: The Marin County Civic Center
arch.mono.foster Norman Foster: Buildings And Projects Vol 4 Foster, N
arch.gen.blake Form Follows Fiasco Blake, Peter
arch.mono.niemeyer Oscar Niemeyer And The Architecture Of Brazil Underwood, David
arch.mono.foster Norman Foster: Buildings And Projects Vol 2 Foster, N
arch.mono.foster Norman Foster: Buildings And Projects Vol 1 Foster, N
arch.mono.fowler Forth Bridge Fowler, J / Baker, B
arch.mono.foster Foster, Rogers, Stirling Sudjic, Deyen
arch.mono.nikken Nikken Sekkai: Building Modern Japan 1900-1990 Frampton, K
photo.mono.scavullo Francesco Scavullo New York: 1900 Stern, Robert
arch.mono.halprin New York, New York Halprin, Lawrence
arch.mono.fuksas One-zero Fuksas, M
arch.mono.glaus Otto Glaus Loderer
arch.type.finland New Wood Architecture In Scandianvia Affentranger, C Experimental Arch. In L. A. Gehry, Frank
art.mono.klee Paul Klee: Catalogue Raisonne - Volume 5: 1927-1930 Foundation
art.mono.klee Paul Klee: Catalogue Raisonne - Volume 4: Foundation
art.mono.klee Paul Klee: Catalogue Raisonne - Band 6: Foundation
arch.type.houses European House Now; Contmp. Arch. Directions
art.mono.klee Paul Klee: Catalogue Raisonne - Band 2 Foundation
art.mono.klee Paul Klee: Catalogue Raisonne - Band 1 Foundation
arch.type.finland Exhibition Of Finnish Architecture: The Hague Various
art.mono.klee Paul Klee Lanchner
arch.mono.patkau Patkau Architects: Selected Projects 1983-1993 Carter, B
arch.mono.wagner Otto Wagner: Die Einheit De Kunst -band 3 Graf, Otto Antonia
arch.mono.gaudi Park Guell De A. Gaudi Giedion-welcker, C
arch.mono.wright Fallingwater, A Flw Country House Kaufman, Edgar
arch.mono.palladio Palladio's Villas Holberton, Paul
arch.mono.palladio Palladio: The Architect And Society Ackerman, James
arch.mono.palladio Palladio And Palladianism Tavernor, Robert
arch.mono.piano.p Painpiano: Piano Design Colonetti, Aldo
arch.mono.arup Ove Arup & Partners: Engineering The Built Environment Sommer/ Stocher
arch.mono.wagner Otto Wagner: Sicard Und Van Der Null-band 4 Graf, Otto Antonia
arch.mono.wright Frank Lloyd Wright Heinz, Thomas
arch.type.furn New Modern Furniture Design
arch.x.journal.modulus Modulus 5 (chermayeff, Maholy-nage) Various
arch.mono.gaudi Gaudi: La Pedrera Tapie, M
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.5 - Monograph 1929-1936 Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.6 - Monograph 1937-1941 Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.7 - Monograph 1942-1950 Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.8 - Monograph 1951-1957 Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.9 - Preliminary Studies 1889-1916 Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.gaudi Gaudi Le Corbusier
arch.mono.gaudi Gaudi: Cripta Colonia Guell Sert, J
arch.mono.gaudi Gaudi: The Visionary Dali, Salvatore
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.3 - Monograph 1907-1913 Futagawa, Yukio Narita Inspected: Japan Graphic Design Compiler Lopetz
arch.mono.bawa Geoffrey Bawa Taylor, Brian Brace
arch.mono.mansilla.tunon Musac: Museo De Arte Contemporaneo De Castilla Y Leon: The Building Mansilla
art.mono.jensen Georg Jensen Jewelry
art.type.graffiti Getting Up: Subway Graffiti In New York Castleman, Craig
arch.mono.young Monument 21 (the John Young Residence)
arch.x.journal.modulus Modulus 9 (kepes, Arnheim) Various
arch.x.journal.modulus Modulus 8 (mumford Interview) Various
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.4 - Monograph 1914-1928 Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.2 - Monograph 1902-1906 Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.utzon Fredensborg Housing Utzon, Jorn
arch.mono.scharoun Ga 21: Hans Scharoun, The Berlin Philharmonic Futagawa, Yukio
arch.type.italy New Italian Architecture Galardi
arch.mono.kiesler Friedrich Kiesler 1890-1965 Bogner, D
arch.type.houses New Houses
arch.mono.schumacher Fritz Schumacher Frank, H
arch.type.italy** New Directions In Italian Architecture Gregotti, Vittorio
arch.type.germany** New Directions In German Architecture Feuerstein, Guenther
arch.mono.aalto Ga 16 Aalto: Church In (imatra) / City Center In Seinajoki Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.rudolph Ga 20: Paul Rudolph-the Chapel In Tuskagee & Boston G Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.le corbu Ga 32: Le Corbusier: Sarabbai & Shodhan Houses
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.12 - In His Renderings Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.erskine Ga 55: Ralph Erskine: Byker Development Ga
arch.mono.asplund Ga 62: Asplund - Woodland Crematorium And Chapel
arch.mono.greene Ga 66: David B. Gamble House Futagawa, Yukio
arch.type.housing Ga Houses 23: Housing Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.1 - Monograph 1887-1901 Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.10 - Preliminary Studies 1917-1932 Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.11 - Preliminary Studies 1933-1959 Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.wright Ga-flw Vol.11 - Preliminary Studies 1933-1959 Futagawa, Yukio
arch.mono.cook Architecture: Action & Plan Cook, Peter
arch.type.furn.scand Design From Scandinavia 16 Various
photo.mono.adams The Portfolios Of Ansel Adams
arch.gen.doczi The Power Of Limits; Proportional Harmonies In Art… Doczi, Gyorgy
arch.mono.le corbu The Open Hand: Essays On Le Corbusier Walden, R
arch.type.austria Architecture In Lower Austria: 1986-1997
arch.mono.kahn(louis) The Paintings And Sketches Of Louis Kahn Hochstim, Jan
arch.gen.kostof A History Of Architecture Kostof, Spiro
arch.type.housing Arch. Showcase: Townhouses Mostaldi
art.gen.janson A History Of Art Janson, H.w.
arch.type.houses Arch. Showcase: Single Fmaily Houses Mostaldi
arch.type.houses Arch. Showcase: Home-offices Mostaldi
arch.mono.aalto Arch. Mono. #4 Alvar Aalto Porphyrios, D
arch.type.sweden Architecture In Sweden 1984-1989
photo.mono.adams The Print Adams, Ansel
arch.type.houses.arch Architects' Own Houses Of The World (in Japanese) Japanese
arch.mono.behnisch A Walk Through The Exhibition Radtkey, Ken
arch.mono.shugakun The Shugakun Imperial Villa
arch.mono.hopkins Arch. In Detail:
arch.mono.piano World Arch. #24: Renzo Piano
arch.mono.gregotti Arch. Documents: Vittorio Gregotti Tafuri, Manfredo
arch.mono.aalto Aa Quarterly Vol.10 #3 Journal
arch.type.finland Abacus
arch.type.houses The Modern House Welsh, John
photo.mono.adams The Negative Adams, Ansel
arch.mono.le corbu The Villas Of Le Corbusier Benton, T
arch.gen.heyer Architects On Architecture Heyer, Paul
arch.mono.lasdun Architecture In An Age Of Skeptisicm Lasdun, D
arch.type.productdesign Abitare Annual 12 Various
arch.type.france The New French Architecture Losnikowski, W
arch.type.houses.apt The New American Apartment Ojeda
arch.mono.blaser Architecture As Furniture Blaser, Werner
arch.mono.arets Wiel Arets Lootsma, Bart
arch.type.houses The New American House Ojeda
arch.mono.vandervlught Wiederhall 14: Leen Van Der Vlugt
arch.type.housing Weissenhof 1927 And The Modern Movement In Arch. Pommer, R
arch.type.houses The New American House 2 Ojeda
arch.mono.kishi Waro Kishi Riley, Terence
arch.mono.wright 9 Commentaries On Frank Lloyd Wright
arch.gen.ockman Architecture Culture: 1943-1968 Ockman, John
arch.mono.shim A + U : Shim Sutcliffe
arch.gen.trachtenberg Architecture From Pre-historic To Post-modern Trachtenberg, M;hyman
arch.mono.artigues Architecture 1980-1995: Artigues & Sanabria 2 Artigues
arch.type.competitions Architecture & Rhetoric; Text & Design In Arch. Competitions Tostrup, Elisabeth
arch.mono.gregotti Vittorio Gregotti And Associates Rykwert, J
arch.type.houses A Comparative Analysis Of 20th Century Houses Haraguchi, H. Architectural Ornament In New York A Concise History Of Modern Painting Read, Herbert
art.mono.noguchi The Noguchi Garden Museum
art.gen.tufte Visual Explanation Tufte, Edward
poet.gen.various The Norton Anthology Of Poetry Various
lit.gen.various The Norton Anthology Of Short Fiction Various
art.gen.tufte The Visual Display Of Quantitative Information Tufte, Edward
arch.type.religious The Modern Church: Masterwork Of…
arch.type.productdesign Apple Design: Work Of Apple Industrial Design Group Kunkel, Paul
arch.mono.vaneyck Aldo Van Eyck: 1962-1976 Van Eyck, Aldo
arch.type.transport Architecture Of Transportation Various
arch.gen.dahinden Urban Structures Fo The Future Dahinden, Justus
arch.mono.loos Adolf Loos Kunstler, M American Architecture Since 1970 Whiffen, M
arch.urban.branch Urban Planning Theory Branch
arch.mono.herzogt Thomas Herzog Bauten Herzog, T
arch.mono.abk Ahrends, Burton, And Koralek Blundell-jones, Peter
arch.x.journal.zodiac Zodiac 16
arch.mono.murcutt Three Houses: Glenn Murcutt Murcutt
arch.type.finland Timber Construction In Finland Puusta, Rakennettu
arch.mono.vaneyck Aldo Van Eyck Hertzberger, Herman
arch.mono.vaneyck Aldo Van Eyck: 1948-1961 Van Eyck, Aldo
arch.mono.garnier Une Cite Industrielle Garnier, Tony
arch.mono.gaudi Antonio Gaudi Petucho, Juan
arch.type.japan Traditional Japanese Houses Futoagwa, Y
arch.type.modern Unconventional Architecture
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